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It is very easy to take out a temporary restraining order (T.R.O.) against someone else. All that is required is that a person goes into court and files a petition requesting the order. The judge will set a date for a future hearing at which both parties may present their story before the judge decides whether there is enough evidence to support making the T.R.O. permanent.

The impact of the T.R.O. on your life is immediate, potentially requiring you to change your behavior and habits, maybe even stay away from your own home. If you do not act quickly, the impact can be long-lasting, possibly life-changing.

Job applications and careers can be compromised.

Some restraining orders even impact child custody.

A permanent restraining order can last up to three years. Failure to appear on the hearing date may result in the permanent restraining order being granted without the accused ever having said a word in their own defense.

The Slattery Law Firm has attorneys who are experienced in all types of restraining order hearings, including Domestic Violence Restraining Orders and Workplace Restraining Orders. We will vigorously argue your case and do everything possible to quash the restraining order before it becomes a bigger problem.

Do not ignore a restraining order. The problem will NOT go away on its own.

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