You Need an Experienced and Compassionate Lawyer to Resolve Your Family Law Issue.

Although the statistics vary, it is estimated that 43% of marriages will end in divorce.

But statistics do not tell the story of the trauma that divorce represents. Finalizing a separation from your spouse can be emotionally difficult, as well as physically and psychologically draining. The financial consequences can be serious and long lasting. Sometimes fear and confusion can lead to hasty or misguided decisions. A lack of information and knowledge can be disastrous. If there are children involved and custody issues to be resolved, the problems are even more intense. No one wants the children to suffer.

The stress of managing all these factors can be overwhelming. Guidance and counsel from a knowledgeable attorney, an attorney who protects your interests but knows how to help things go smoothly, can make all the difference, both to the outcome, and to your peace of mind.

The Slattery Law Firm prides itself on putting professionalism and compassion on your side in even the most difficult and complex matrimonial conflicts, custody cases, support issues, and any other domestic relations matters. Our Attorneys counsel and support our clients as they negotiate the maze that can be created by the personal, legal, and issues that so often arise in family law cases, even those that appear simple at their outset.

The Slattery Law Firm will do everything possible to get the best results for its clients in all family matters, including prenuptial agreements, divorce, child custody and visitation disputes, division of assets, grandparent visitation, paternity issues, spousal maintenance or alimony, palimony, debt division, property and asset valuation, and mediation.

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